The "In Vivo" Exhibition and the issue of the Commons

with l'École nationale supérieure de la photographie

Director(s)  Mélanie Grondin
Participant(s)  Caroline Bernard
Participant(s)  Adrien Julliard
Participant(s)  Basile Le Cleach
Participant(s)  Maria Finders
Participant(s)  Florence Maille
Year  2020

15th July 2020,
Arles (France)

Caroline Bernard, artist and teacher at the École nationale supérieure de la photographie (National School of Photography)
Adrien Julliard, student in his 2ndyear at theÉcole nationale supérieure de la photographie
Basile Le Cléac’h, who graduated from the École nationale supérieure de la photographie in 2020

Just after the lockdown, Caroline Bernard, Basile Le Cléac’h and Adrien Julliard give us their thoughts and ideas on the process of In Vivoresearch and demonstration as well as on the new building of the ENSP (National School of Photography), while examining a number of related subjects: the state of vigilance or watchfulness, hospitality, the interruption in teaching programmes, the role of the artist, the phenomenon of images going viral…

This conversation highlights the issue of the Commons and Care which are at the centre of their preoccupations as citizens, artists or teachers:  how can we reconnect with the essential in a different temporality, in fact, how can we take care of others while still attempting to re-think the world and to shift the boundaries? 


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