LUMA Days 3

Together, a Declaration of Interdependence

Why do we discuss interdependence today? The concept of interdependence appeared in 1944 with the writings of the American philosopher and historian Will Durant, author of the first Declaration of Interdependence, a manifesto that claims the principles of equality and freedom as vectors of harmony. Over time, the notions of ethics, environment, ecology, have nourished the topic and its scope, as interdependence is not limited to the relations of human to human but of the human in the world, by taking into account the direct impact of the human imprint on the environment.

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While collaborative structures have existed throughout time, the early 21st century brought a growing desire for interdependence, and the establishment of more concrete actions in this respect. In a « post-work » world, our way of living together and working together will be challenged. How can we balance the new interdependence between man and machine? How do we deal with governance, responsibly, and legislative and regulatory environment where these questions can be explored and resolved?

LUMA Days #3 examines interdependence as a tool to forge new links between Arts and Culture, Environment and Human Rights, Education and Research.

As part of LUMA Days #3, the exhibition A School of Schools: Design as Learning is the exceptional setting of the discussions and public events on the theme of interdependence.


TOGETHER, a declaration of interdependence


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